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Confined Space


A confined space is a space restricted by limited entry and egress and not suitable for human inhabitants yet is large enough for a person to enter to perform tasks.

Examples of a confined spaces include:

  • utility tunnel

  • manhole

  • inside of a boiler

  • inside of a fluid storage tank

  • septic tank that has contained sewage

  • small underground electrical vault

Confined space accidents are of particular concern in occupational safety and health due to the hazards that they pose to the victim and subsequently to a rescue team. Approximately 60% of fatalities involve would-be rescuers and more than 30% of fatalities occur in a space that has been tested and found to be safe to enter.

Frontline Safety’s Confined Space training outlines the skills and protocols for safe entry to confined spaces including the following precautions:

  • locking and tagging out connecting piping

  • testing of breathable air quality

  • forced ventilation

  • observation of workers in the space

  • predetermined rescue plan with appropriate safety harnesses

  • rescue equipment stand-by


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