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Frontline Safety Course List

  • A minimum of 10 people per class is preferred.

  • Classes with fewer than 10 people  will be charged a flat rate.

  • Classes will be conveniently conducted onsite at your designated location.

  • Travel expenses may apply if your business is located outside of Orange, Osceola & Seminole counties.

  • Additional classes and services are available upon request.

  • Request a quote today or call 407-353-8165

A list of safety training courses and classes.



Aerial Lift                                                   (4-hrs)

All Terrain Forklift                                    (4-hrs)
Basic Driver Improvement              (2 & 4 hrs)
Bucket Truck                                             (4-hrs)
Forklift/Pallet Jack                                    (4-hrs)
Skid Steer                                                  (4-hrs)

Backhoe Operator                                   (4-hrs)

Golf Cart/Utility Cart                               (4-hrs)

Front End Loader                                     (4-hrs)

General Industry Courses

Confined Space                                       (4-hrs)
Confined Space                                      (8-hrs)
Lockout/Tagout                                       (2-hrs)
Respiratory Protection                          (2-hrs)

Respiratory Protection                          (4-hrs)

Qualitative Fit Test        (10 minutes per test)

Quantitative Fit Test     (10 minutes per test)

General Safety Classes

Boodborne Pathogens                           (2-hrs)

CPR-only                                                    (2-hrs)
CPR-AED-First Aid                                    (4-hrs)
CPR-AED-First Aid-BBP                            (6-hrs)
GHS for Hazard Communication          (2-hrs)

Personal Protective Equipment            (4-hrs)

Active Shooter                                             (4-hrs)

Fleet  Safety                                              (2-hrs)

Sexual Harrassment                                (2-hrs)

Valet Parking                                            (2-hrs)



Excavation & Trenching                          (4-hrs)
Excavation & Trenching                          (8-hrs)
Fall Protection                                          (4-hrs)
Fall Protection                                          (8-hrs)
Scaffolding                                                (4-hrs)
Scaffolding                                                (8-hrs)
Site Safety Inspections                              (Call)

Osha 10-hour Construction                 (10-hrs)

MSHA Refresher                                      (8-hrs)

Ladder Safety                                           (2-hrs)


Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) & DOT

TTC/MOT Basic-Flagging                         (2-hrs)
TTC/MOT Intermediate                         (16-hrs)
TTC/MOT Intermediate Refresher        (8-hrs)

Utility MOT                                                (8-hrs)
DOT Drug and Alcohol                            (4-hrs)

DOT Hazardous Materials                      (4-hrs)






HIPPA                                                        (4-hrs)

Body Mechanics                                     (4-hrs)

Slips, Trips and Falls                               (4-hrs)

Bloodborne Pathogens                         (4-hrs)

CPR-AED-First Aid                             (4 & 8 hrs)

Workplace Harrassment                        (4-hrs)

Workplace Violence                                (4-hrs)

Substance Abuse                                    (4-hrs)

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